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Health & Nutrition

Bad Things About Good Food! ~Jim
The media and many health experts sing the praises of certain iconic foods, but
these foods have very sinister sides to them. Learn the truth behind these "health"
claims and discover life embracing replacements for them.

Compassionate Kitchen Cooking Classes/Demos ~Rae
Learn easy ways to be creative in the kitchen while supporting your own health and
the whole planet.  Plant-based cooking that satisfies even the pickiest palates!

How Healthy Can You Get? ~Jim
More than most people realize, the foods we choose can dramatically affect our
health. Even those who think they are choosing healthy, organic, life supporting
foods may inadvertently be making choices with long term harmful effects.  Learn
how to easily lose weight, prevent and reverse disease and bring more vitality into
your life. Explore the benefits of a healthful diet and get other tips on how to improve
your health.

Plant Power Revealed! ~Jim
Phytonutrients are beginning to catch the eye of the public and deservedly so. These
amazing nutrients can do so much for us health wise. Find out about their discovery,
importance and how to maximize their benefits in your life.

World's Most Nutri-licious Smoothie! ~Jim and/or Rae
Get your daily greens and heal yourself.  No special blenders or expensive
ingredients needed for this simple, but incredibly delicious, detoxifying, healing
drink!  Many variations demonstrated.

My Journey to Weight Loss and Health ~Jim
In my 30's I was playing softball 3 days a week, doing interval training and running
regularly, but despite all of this I was 20 pounds overweight. I followed the Standard
American Diet (SAD) and thought that I was feeding my body the nutrients it needed.
Join me, as I share my surprisingly easy journey to improved health and weight loss.

Ethical Consumerism

Human Billboards ~Rae
We are all walking billboards.  Our words, actions and lifestyles...even our thoughts...
project a message out into the world.  What does your personal billboard say to the
world?  Are you living a life that reflects who and what you care about?  How can you
redefine your personal message and your effect on the world around you?  This
workshop/talk will provide tools for exploring ways to move toward a message that is
more consistent with our values. (Workshop or talk)

No Purchase Necessary ~Rae
This workshop/talk takes a close look at our power as consumers.  Who and what
are we supporting with our dollars?  We say we do not want our lives to support
unnecessary suffering, but we are often swept away by the latest trends and
consumer "must haves".  This workshop/talk is an opportunity to examine the areas
where we can simplify our lives and say no to over consumption and the burden it
places on our planet and our wallets. (Workshop or talk)

Love the One You’re With ~Rae
Advertising counts on us seeing ourselves as less than perfect and assumes that
we are self critical and comparing ourselves to others.  This workshop is an
opportunity to see what real beauty is and to find it in ourselves and others.

Sharing our Earth Home

Our Own Backyard ~Rae
See the extraordinary in the most ordinary outdoor setting.  Your local setting will
come to life for you through inspiring outdoor activities. (Outdoor workshop for all

Humane Education 101 ~Rae
This session is for anyone interested in bringing the compassionate living message
into educational settings.  Learn how you can provide students with the insight they
need to make truly informed choices that help create a humane world.  Session led
by the co-creator of the popular Sowing Seeds Humane Education Workshop and co-
founder of the Institute for Humane Education.

Brilliant Chickens and Einstein Squids ~Rae
Lack of intelligence has been used as a justification for treating non-human species
as unfeeling, unthinking objects to be used at the whim of humans.  This program
will look at the intelligence of our non-human relatives through amazing true stories
from around the world and interactive activities. (Workshop or talk)

In Their Skin ~Rae
Feel what it is like to live in the skin of another species with your whole body.  A
movement class for all ages.  From fish to birds, captive to free, this is a chance to
feel what they feel and move as they move. (Workshop for all ages, no previous
dance/movement experience necessary)

Caring for Home ~Jim
Global warming is a reality and Earth is in the midst of one of the largest die offs of
life the planet has ever known! If you consider yourself a caring person, come learn
more about where we stand and how you can be a powerful force in creating a
positive change. Leave a legacy of concern, compassion and action.  

Communication/Conflict Resolution

Despair Repair ~Rae
Anger, sadness and despair often go hand in hand with awareness of the state of
the world.  This session will look at ways to turn the emotions into healthy positive
action. (Workshop or Talk)

Under One Roof ~Rae
We spend much of our lives with our co-workers and most of our remaining hours
with our families, roommates or friends.  This communication workshop will provide
ideas and tools for living and working peacefully together even when values and
lifestyle choices differ.  An opportunity to learn and try new ways of responding.

Effective Activism

Joyfully Educating Your Community ~Jim and/or Rae
These simple activities don’t take any particular skills or vast amounts of money, but
will translate into huge returns in outreach and education (vegan, animal rights,
health, environment, human rights, peace,etc.). Anyone can go out into their
community and change people's lives using these techniques. Leave this workshop
with tools you can put to use right away!

A Life Connected - Viewing and Discussion ~Jim and/or Rae
An inspiring 12-minute film from Non-Violence United that gives viewers a vision of
the world we can all create together (see home page at the bottom).  Discussion
about what each of us can do to spread the message of health, compassion and
Any great change it
shakes the very
foundation of
privilege. ~ Lucretia
Coffin Mott,
minister, women's
rights leader,
abolitionist, peace