There are a
hacking at the
branches of evil
to one who is
striking at the
~ Henry David
Rae Sikora has been a spokesperson for
animals, the environment and human rights for
over 30 years. Her programs have been
changing people's vision of what is possible to
create in our lives and in the world.  Rae has
worked internationally with participants ranging
from teachers, students and prisoners to
businesses and activists. As co-founder of the
Institute for Humane Education, Rae created
interactive critical thinking tools that are now
being used by people around the globe. She
holds degrees in Cultural Anthropology and
Environmental Education from the University of
Wisconsin. Rae draws from years of experience
to help individuals and groups discover how
implementing changes personally/locally can
bring about positive change globally. She is
co-founder/co-director of Plant Peace Daily and
co-founder of
VegFund. Additionally, Rae was
inducted into the North American Vegetarian
Society's Hall of Fame.
Jim (JC) Corcoran co-founded and served as president of VegMichigan, the state’
s largest vegetarian organization, for seven years.  He is a retired fire
captain/paramedic/training officer, has a BS in Emergency Medicine and is
certified in the Living Foods Lifestyle. Jim also is a certified fitness instructor and
former softball tournament champion/all-star. He has been leading life altering
programs on health and the environment for over twenty years. His talks
empower people to make informed and lasting changes in their lives. Since
retiring from the fire service, Jim has been busy starting and developing several
other successful outreach organizations. He co-founded Plant Peace Daily;
Santa Fe Vegan and co-founded VegFund, an international organization
which helps vegan activist spread the word through food and other means.
Additionally, Jim was inducted in the Green Michigan Hall of Fame.
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Testimonials for Rae and Jim

"Rae Sikora has a unique talent to educate, entertain, and
enlighten all at the same time.  She never leaves a group
without adding them to her circle of friends.  If Rae was in
charge of the world we would be living in peace."
~ Howard Lyman, Founder - Voice for a Viable Future,
Author of the books Mad Cowboy & No More Bull

"Rae Sikora is not just a good speaker, she is a good
listener,and THAT is what makes her so effective at working
with groups.  Being able to really hear concerns from her
audience, and then being able to address those concerns
plus the sometimes bigger issues that their vocalized
concerns are masking -- that is why Rae is so effective at
helping people to see and think in new ways."
~ JoAnn Farb, Author of Compassionate Souls: Raising the
Next Generation to Change the World

"Rae Sikora is a very gifted  orator and an excellent
workshop leader. I have had the opportunity to take several
classes, workshops and a weekend seminar that she has
led,and I can assure you that my life has been enriched and
my skills in  dealing with others enhanced due to my work
with Rae. She brings great understanding and empathy to
enhancing our relationships with each other, the animals
and the Earth."  
~ Jean P. Hollowell, Attorney

"Rae Sikora has had a profound impact on my life – her way
of being, relating and communicating has shaped me in
ways I am eternally grateful for. Rae modeled such powerful
communication for me at a workshop in Maine one year that
I changed the course of my work. She is a visionary with an
undying commitment to bring healing and compassion to all
parts of Earth. She is down-to-earth, humble and creative
and I continue to call on her for advice."
~ Daniella Dennenberg, Director of Organizational and
Higher Education Partnerships, Northwest Earth Institute,
Portland Oregon

"Rae Sikora's presentation to activists in our area was the
perfect weapon against burnout!"
~ Barry Crozier, Staff Advisor, S.E.T.A. (Students for the
Ethical Treatment of Animals) and President of the Nova
Scotia Humane Society

"Rae Sikora is quite simply one of the most inspiring people
that I've ever had the opportunity to meet."
~ Lauren Corman, Host/Producer Animal Voices, CIUT 89.5
FM Toronto

“Jim Corcoran is a leading voice for humanity on the
integration of compassion, ecology and optimal human
nutrition. His experience in emergency medicine and
community leadership combine with decades of scientific
review to offer his audiences an unparalleled and dynamic
experience.  Jim presents from his heart, sharing a vision of
what’s possible when we choose to live in truth and
~ Dr. Kerrie Saunders, MS, LLP, PhD, Author, consultant and

“Jim Corcoran’s... wit and wisdom makes him a talented
speaker. His wealth of knowledge combined with a passion
to share it, provided him the ability to thoroughly convey his
message. On many occasions, throughout the years, he
inspired students to make positive changes in their lives!”
~ Kathy Gauthier, MA, Executive Director Irene's
Myomassology Institute

“Jim Corcoran has those rare qualities that inspire an
audience to make positive change in their lives
immediately.. he walks the walk, talks the talk and gets
inspirational results from his wonderful efforts.”
~ Dr. Heather Koeppel, D.C., F.I.A.C.A., Academic Director,
Athens Institute of Massage

“Jim Corcoran is an effective and persuasive speaker.  His
presentation even prompted me to make changes in my life.
He exhibits a nice balance between knowledge of his
subject and personally appealing to his audience.”
~ Delmar Schmidt, Program Director WFRN-TV, City of
Ferndale, Michigan

“Jim Corcoran's impressive body of knowledge combined
with his engaging and entertaining presentation style makes
him a highly effective speaker. As a leader of a campus
organization, I've had the privilege to bring many prominent
speakers to our university, and Jim ranks among the very
top we've had the pleasure of hosting. Jim is especially
adept at connecting with his audience, encouraging
discussion, and answering wide-ranging questions. The
audience departed not only with profound new insights, but
perhaps more significantly, inspiration and motivation to
take action.”
~ Eric Griffith, Librarian, Faculty Advisor, Speak Out for
Species University of Georgia


"Jim and Rae were wonderfully down to earth and because
they came to Veganism for different reasons they were a
fantastic compliment to one another. I learned a great deal
that I will be able to apply immediately and they tailored
their presentation to meet the needs of the participants. The
information was both general and specific and just the right
amount to not overwhelm but inspire. LOVED it!"
~ Amy H., joint program attendee
Rae and Jim